Residential Fires are usually Controlled With How Many Sprinkler Heads?

Residential fires are usually controlled with how many sprinkler heads? A question that we all need the answer to.

Fires can easily be lit where flammable items and substances are present in the environment such as electrical switches and wires, wood, electrical appliances, curtains, blankets, and etc. Now some recent studies show that most of the fires caused in homes are because they have flammable materials which cause the fire to grow.

 Even though fires are easily lit in homes, they can just as easily be extinguished as well with the help of fire extinguishers and sprinklers. But, a common question that comes to mind is, how many sprinklers would you need to extinguish a residential fire? 

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To answer such questions we will discuss the number of sprinklers you will need to put out fires so that you can protect your homes from accidents.

What are residential fires?

Fires that are caused in homes are called residential fires. The US Department of fire after research came to the conclusion that almost 354,400 reported fires were caused in homes. On average about 2,620 deaths are caused by residential fires and almost 6.2 million dollars are lost due to property damage because of such fires and this is only in the US.

Home fires can be very dangerous if they are not controlled and extinguished properly. 

These types of fires tend to do a lot of damage that is because they are very hard to control since usually there is a lot of flammable material present in homes and hence when they grow there is no controlling them. That is why it is always better if you take precautionary measures. 

Although if these fires are detected at the right time they can be very easy to extinguish.

What causes residential fires?

The most common cause of residential fires is kitchen fires.

Kitchen fires are lit when either an electrical appliance is left on for way too long or there is a production fault in its wires. these fires are also caused by a simple leak from the stove. Now kitchen fires can easily be extinguished if they are just on their own but once a fire is lit and it is not detected on time it also causes other material to catch fire and hence causing a residential fire.

The only way to prevent these fires is to take precautions and install sprinklers and smoke detectors in your house. Make sure that your house has a fire extinguisher that properly works, installed in it. Such fires are caused by the most common causes for example a small percentage of fires are even caused by Christmas trees.

Hence always take precautions.

How many sprinklers are needed to control residential fires?

Most of the small residential fires are extinguished by sprinklers.

Now, most of these fires are extinguished only by two sprinklers. Standard sized sprinklers cover an area of 12’ x 12’. Extended sprinklers cover an area of 20’ x 20’. Hence most of the rooms in your house will only require one to two sprinklers.

Make sure that you install some extra sprinklers in your kitchen and other bigger rooms. Some people also believe that smoke detectors are better than sprinklers or that they cover more room which is not true. We highly recommend that you install sprinklers rather than smoke detectors.

Why is it necessary to install sprinklers?

As discussed residential fires are very dangerous if they are not detected and extinguished at the right time. For this purpose, sprinklers are very necessary to install in your home. They detect the fire at the right time and extinguish them. Sprinklers are also a bit more accurate than smoke detectors because sometimes cooking also emits smoke which does not need to be dealt with.

Installing sprinklers is also very important if you have a child in your house or you have heavy machinery in your house. It is also best to install sprinklers in your garage because they usually have a lot of flammable substances in them. Make sure that the sprinklers are installed and they work properly this is absolutely necessary.

Safety precautions 


Some safety precautions are absolutely necessary because residential fires can only be prevented by such precautions. Make sure that the electrical wires that are outside the appliance are not tangled. Regularly clean your kitchen cloths because they easily catch fire as well.

You should also be very careful and should take some of the basic precautions such as never try to fix an electrical appliance unless you have some experience also be sure to install sprinklers, smoke detectors, or at least have a fire extinguisher in your house.



1. How effective are fire sprinklers? 

Fire sprinklers are very effective. They extinguish 91% of fires caused in homes. These are also very effective and efficient they can easily detect fires.

2. What is the number one cause of house fires?

Kitchen fires are the most common cause of house fires. That is because cooking causes the majority of residential fires. We highly recommend installing sprinklers in your kitchen.

3. What is the red liquid in sprinklers?

The liquid emitted by the sprinklers is not entirely water. It is a mixture of alcohol and water or glycerin and water.

Ending note

In the end, we say that house fires can be very dangerous if they are not controlled properly. As discussed they can be caused by the most common items that are present in almost every home but these fires can also be prevented by some simple precautions. Hence make sure to take them and protect your home from such fires.

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