The Pros and Cons Of Being a Firefighter

Fire fighting is an honorable profession; today, we will discuss the pros and cons of being a Firefighter.

Fire fighting is a fast-paced job. It usually results in an active lifestyle and can be considered extremely rewarding. Firefighting is a service to the community. 

 It is exceptionally essential because as long as there will be fires, there will be a need for firefighters and firefighting. Fire fighting is a dynamic career option, and while there are several advantages, there are also a significant number of disadvantages. 

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The Pros and Cons of Being a Fire Fighter:

Advantages of being a Firefighter:

Let’s take a look at the Advantages of Being a Firefighter;

1) Being a firefighter makes you physically fit: 

Fire fighting is an extremely physical job. This involves running from building to building and having the physical ability to handle the fire hose. M; moreover, the job is also extremely fast-paced, and it also requires a lot of moving.

Moreover, there are even nights when one does not need a required fight fire however a Firefighter distance to make sure that the equipment and trucks are clean and maintain can also be physically taxing. Hence, the advantages of being a Firefighter is that it improves your physical fitness. 

2) You get to work with a dynamic team:

A fire department is a fantastic place for good team players and people who like to work in big groups. In high profile fires such as those of wildfires, several hundreds of firefighters come together. Many different stations perform the extraordinary feat of putting these fiery monsters out. 

For this purpose, teamwork is essential. Plus, working in the fire department also connects you to the community in a new manner. 

Hence getting the chance to connect with a community is one of the advantages of being a firefighter. 

3) The pay is considerably good:

An average firefighter earns a decent pay, with an annual median of about 48, 030 dollars with a moderate increase in their revenue by 7% (an average increase of well-paying jobs). They can actually make a lot more, like in the example this article highlighted.

The good odds of getting paid and getting the chance to serve the community can be considered a significant advantage of being a firefighter. 

4) The educational requirements of the jobs are minimal:

Being a firefighter does not demand a college or university degree, and one can apply right out of high school. All you need is a firefighting diploma, which can be acquired and then approved by the state.

The course for the diploma is considerably easy and can help you get on your feet fast. If you wish to move up in the division, then getting an associate’s degree in fire science can help you get up to the managerial level.

However, even this education is far from taxing and does not require a certificate for you to be applicable to applyHence, the minimal requirement for education is a significant advantage of being a firefighter.

5) Being a firefighter is something several people aspire to be:

Being a firefighter is the equivalent of being a hero. You get to save people from burning buildings; you get to communicate with people and save lives in the process. Doing so becomes an activity that you perform daily is just one of the many firefighter perks. A lot of people in the US dream of being a firefighter; the job is enticing. 

Hence, having your dream fulfilled is one of the world’s best feelings, making it a significant advantage of being a firefighter. 

6) The job can bring a significant amount of structure to your life:

Being a firefighter means living something close to a military lifestyle. It is essential to stay fit, it is essential to remain vigilant, and it gives you a unique perspective on human life and the community in general. Moreover, firefighting is an incredibly humbling profession, as well. Amid the chaos and heroism, you learn a bit about humanity as well. 

Seeing people at their best and worst helps you learn lessons routine jobs or careers will never teach youFinding structure and humility is just one of the benefits firefighters have.

7) No take homework:

Firefighting is a mostly paperwork free job with very little work that needs to be taken back home and evaluated. This enables you to have stress free work weekends and off days, with very little to do at home. On thankfully slow days, you have to keep your equipment and trucks in line, making sure you’re ready when an emergency occurs. 

8) Everyone loves a firefighter:

The job has a considerable approval rating; this means you’ll always be admired and loved by your family members and the community. As mentioned before, there is alot of heroism and companionship involved in fire fighting, these usually involve public displays of heroism (jumping into a burning building and saving someone’s life). Overall, the community will love making it a significant benefit of being a firefighter. 

9) There is a significant amount of job security that comes with being a firefighter:

Being a firefighter is a significantly tricky job. This means that there is always a danger that a firefighter could very well lose his or her life in a firefighting mission or rescue. Hence, firefighters with a number of perks for the service they provide.

This involves a significantly good pension, a number of flexible shifts, paid training courses, extra support, and community scholarships are just some of the perks of being a firefighter. 

Disadvantages of being a firefighter:

Being a firefighter has several pros and cons. We have discussed a number of advantages before, however, there are a few disadvantages as well which should be brought to light and should be considered when applying for firefighting. 

1) There is a lot of unnecessary suffering that you will have to experience:

Firefighting is a job where you see alot of unnecessary suffering and unfortunately sometimes, despite all the work thats being put in by people to save a home or people, sometimes you just can’t. This can lead to a drop in morale, however, it is simply a part of the job. The important thing is to move on from it fast so that you can save lives which can actually be saved. 

This can be difficult to do for people, especially in the early days of the job. Its common knowledge that firefighters find it difficult to overcome their first major losses and it can affect them for a while.

However, despite the loss of firefighters have to suffer, they also end up saving several lives, which is why taking on this responsibility and being the person who serves the community in this way just comes with being a firefighter. 

2) Being on the scene of suicides and related issues:

Firefighters are usually on the scenes of suicides as trained EMTs. This can be a difficult thing to experience and requires a clear head. Unfortunately, not all rescue missions such as these are fruitful and sometimes you can lose a life. This can be extremely difficult to handle. However, at the same time, there are days when you do end up saving people and that can be extremely rewarding

The highs and lows are all part of being a firefighter, and the pros come with the cons. 

3) You are present when families lose their loved ones:

Losing someone can be very difficult and after going through the ordeal of trying to save the said victim, the firefighter is usually present when the families are informed that they’ve lost their loved one. This can be a harrowing thing to witness and is difficult to forget. 

4) You end up not being present for important events:

Working on shifts usually means that you end up missing some important family events especially when your job is so important, you cannot to afford to skip your shift. This means you end up missing family picnics or gatherings, and you might not be able to take time off for events that might be important for you. 

5) Firefighting isn’t a very high paid job:

Despite being taxing and potentially life-threatening firefighting isn’t a very high paid job, (while firefighters make a decent amount) this can be considered a bit of a drawback of the job.

However, people still consider firefighting a viable profession because of its importance in the community and also the stability that comes with it. 

6) It can be extremely dangerous:

While firefighters are well trained and take proper precautions when handling fires, there is still a danger that something could go wrong. 

This danger comes with being a firefighter. However, this is one of the major disadvantages of being a fireman, mainly because your life is always on the line. However, cautious you may be, handling fire will always be dangerous. 

For this very reason firefighters go through a number of training courses, this helps them be better prepared, and while this minimizes the number of accidents it still does not take the danger of the job. 

7) Your family is always worried about you:

Firefighting is a dangerous job, and while people on the front line are out fighting for people and saving people their families at home always find it difficult to relax. Firefighting is a difficult lifestyle and it places a lot of pressure on the family. This is considered one of the main disadvantages of being a firefighter. 

8) The shifts are always long:

If you want a cushy job, then firefighting is not a profession you should be getting into. Firefighters usually work two mornings and two-night shifts, these are usually 24 to 48 hours long and this can lead to a lot of pressure on your body. And while this may seem easy to handle when you’re in your early 20s, it can become extremely taxing as you age. 

Because of how taxing it becomes, however, people usually aim to get managerial jobs. This can be achieved by opting to get an associate’s degree in fire science as mentioned above. 

9) There is always a new training course you need to take:

While the training courses can be considered an upside, they are also a significant disadvantage as well. 

Firefighters need to be well trained and should be familiar with how new machinery, first aid techniques, firefighting techniques work so that they can take care of others and themselves in the case of an emergency. 


While there are some significant disadvantages, we cannot ignore the glaring positives and advantages of firefighting. The career is extremely rewarding because it enables people to remain connected with the community they so love, at the same time, you get to touch people’s lives in a very unique way. 

Being on the front line is always a privilege, a considerable advantage that only firefighters have. 


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