How Much Do Volunteer Firefighters Make: All Facts and Figures

How much does volunteer firefighters make? Well, let us tell you that volunteer work isn’t a high paying profession.

 However, firefighters are always short of hands, and believe it or not because of the sheer danger and skill this profession requires, volunteer firefighters can earn a decent living. While we can’t tell you how much a volunteer firefighter would make annually, here is an estimation.  

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How much do Volunteer Firefighters make?

 Currently, (as of December 2020), a volunteer firefighter working in the United States is likely to make about 35,701 dollars per year. This varies from location to location and some states, (usually those with forest areas) tend to pay their volunteer firefighters more than this estimated cost.  

Hence, according to the U.S government statistics a volunteer firefighter would make about 17 dollars per hour. This would mean that he or she makes just under 700 dollars per week and about a few short of three thousand dollars in a month. (The exact quantities of a

volunteer firefighters’ salary would be about $687/week or $2,975/month). Moreover, around 70% percent of firefighters are volunteer workers and hence, their salary greatly varies.

How much do volunteer firefighters make across the states?

There is a lot of variation in this salary however, as mentioned before it highly depends on the location in which the volunteer firefighter is making their money.

The average salary for hands-on work (appliance maintenance, and plumping) can range from earning something under 15000 dollars which is considerably low and is minimum wage, and just about 59,000 dollars, which is considered good and can help maintain a middle class, comfortable living standard.

At the same time, according to our estimations, volunteer firefighters across the states usually make something between twenty-four thousand dollars ($23,500) to forty thousand dollars.

The top earners in the business have been known to earn about just a few short of fifty thousand dollars ($49,500) annually in the United States. It should be noted here that the statistics of 2020 do show that there is a huge gap between the amount of money a volunteer firefighter makes across the states. Some states pay their firefighters a lot better than others and this inadvertently impacts the earning of a volunteer firefighter. This variation, however, does have a positive side to it. 

It basically means that there is a gap in the pay that can be filled with an increase in skill level, expertise, and experience. A volunteer firefighter with more to offer to the states hence earns more in crisis. The average variation is just about seventeen thousand dollars ($16,400 exactly according to statistics). This makes volunteer firefighting a field that has room for improvement and hence, advancement. 

Similarly, a volunteer firefighter living in Minnesota is likely to make the most money, just about 35,701 dollars a day. At the same time, a volunteer firefighter in Texas is bound to make less money, which lies just above the minimum wage, around fifteen thousand dollars. ($16,500). This places Texas volunteer firefighters earning in the 90th percentile.

Whereas, a Minnesota firefighter places him or her in the 50th percentile. A remarkably huge difference. 

Volunteer Firefighter Statistics in Cities:

CityVolunteer Firefighter Salary in them
Mountain View, CA$41,988
Lakes, CA$41,535
San Francisco, CA$41,366
Santa Clara, CA$40,887
Washington, DC$40,335
Firemont, CA$39,808
Jersey City, NJ$39,351
Green River, WY$39,151
San Buenaventura, CA$39,149

Where can a volunteer firefighter make a good annual income?

Overall, the highest paying cities where a volunteer firefighter makes a good amount are;

Mountain View, California:

Unfortunately, California faces a lot of fires, and hence, fighting a fire in California is a difficult and often scary job. Hence, they are always short of hands and require experienced volunteer firefighters. Because of the sheer lack of hands in Mountain View, a volunteer firefighter is paid well in Mountain View. 

Lakes, AK:

Just like Cali, AK also, unfortunately, experience runaway fires. This is why they pay firefighters that contribute in a time of crisis well. 

San Franciso, CA:

San Franciso California also pays firefighters well because of its specific location in California. 

 Overall, San Francisco pays just about fifty-six thousand dollars (exactly $5,665) to their voluntary firefighters. Whereas, Mountain View pays their firefighters the top amount with a rough total of six thousand five hundred dollars ($6,286). 

Pros and Cons of Working in These Cities:

Moreover, it should also be noted that the wage difference between the top 10 countries does not vary by much, making them all excellent candidates for a person who wishes to start their career in volunteer firefighting. Hence, if you wish to become a volunteer firefighter you should consider moving cities and going to one that has better wages for your profession.  

It should also be noted that these ten cities also pay a surprisingly good amount of money (much higher than how much a volunteer firefighter might make annually in other parts of the United States) which means that an experienced volunteer firefighter should consider moving to these cities with seriousness if he or she hopes to proceed with this professional and turn it into a career. 

However, it should be noted that these cities are fairly expensive to live in, and hence if you hope to create a surplus for yourself as a volunteer firefighter. It is essential for you to look for low-cost housing before going through with the move. 

Factors to keep in mind:

At the same time, it should be noted that Mountain View does not have a very saturated market. In simple terms, it can be said that there are very few companies operating in the area that hire and actively deploy their volunteer firefighters, with the number of fires that need to be effectively controlled these companies are always on the lookout for more employees. Hence, moving to mountain View, CA might be the right move if you hope to make good money as a volunteer firefighter.


Hence, conclusively it can be said that a volunteer firefighter can make a sturdy annual income or an average one depending on their location. We’ve placed the best and worst-case scenarios in front of you. Hence, how much do volunteer firefighters earn? Our answer is simple, it depends.


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