How Much Do Forest Firefighters Make: Stats & Figures To Know

How much do forest firefighters make? Is a question that been on everybody’s lips since the forest fires that took place in the middle of the year.

A lot of us witnessed a number of heroic forest firefighters helping to curb the wildfires in California. And it has us all thinking. Well, we have answers and more for you. 

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How much do forest firefighters make?

A ten-year average of a forest firefighter shows that he or she does make more than an average firefighter, in mid-level states, a forest firefighter earns just about 24,000 to around 36,000 dollars annually. Overall, the normal or average annual wage of a firefighter is around 24,500 USD.

Overall, according to 2020 estimations, a forest firefighter can make the most money annually in New Jersey where the annual pay for this job is approximately $71,810. At the same time, forest firefighters have also been known to receive compensations from the government in technical, scientific, and professional services. Overall, in 2020, a forest firefighter would receive a total of $59,130 dollars on average. 

Moreover, this would mean that a forest firefighter can make about fifteen hundred dollars ($1,452) to as low as $288 per week as well. At the current moment, most forest fighters earn a minimum wage that lies in the 25th percentile, which is around five hundred and fifty dollars or just about ($548) to about nine hundred and fifty dollars of exactly $933 which places them in the 75th percentile in the United States. Moreover, there is a gap between the average pay of forest firefighter.

This means that the wage gap can be filled with expertise. If one could acquire more technical knowledge of the field and gain more experience, he or she would be able to improve their annual salary. 


What does a forest firefighter do?

A forest firefighter is responsible for controlling the fires that get out of hand in forested areas that are often close tp publicly populated areas, forest firefighters are vital as they have special training that allows them to better handle the extinguishing of first fires. These firefighters work in close coordination with city firefighters and volunteer workers as well which are sent by other companies in the hope to curb the advancement of a fire and the loss of precious forests.

 Forest firefighting is a technical job that requires planning intelligence and bravery, and the right level of caution so that forest fires (which are comparable to ravaging beasts) can be controlled.  

Moreover, forest firefighters also hope to stop the spread of forest fires especially in the dry summers of California. These firefighters need to be in excellent physical shape, moreover, they have to control and man heavy equipment and need to have knowledge not only of the machinery that is to be used but also of environmental laws and the extent to which their operations can be undertaken. Hence, a forest firefighter usually has to have a bachelor’s degree. 

Forest Firefighter Salary Stats by City:

The following table shows the best cities to be a forest firefighter in. Plus, an average of the annual salaries are also mentioned.

CityForest Firefighter Salary in them
San Mateo, CA$49,576
Berkeley, CA$47,843
Daly City, CA$46,570
Richmond, CA$46,286
Irvine, CA$45,564
Odessa, TX$45,346
Orange, CA$45,218
Bellevue, WA$45,217
San Francisco$45,130

How much do forest firefighters make across the states?

Overall, due to the unfortunate number of forest fires that usually take place in the summer in California forest firefighters are most needed in the state.

Hence, the top ten cities where one can make a good annual income are all located in California. San Mateo CA is number one, where forest firefighters can make about nine thousand (rough $8,761) more than other cities, at the same time Daly City also offers good compensation for forest firefighters with a professional earning just about seven thousand dollars more than the average (according to statistics the final count for 2020 was ($6,894).

These counts are above the national 40,815 dollar average across the United States.

However, it should be noted that San Mateo California has a saturated market, with not many open opportunities for companies hoping to hire forest firefighters.

(Usually, firefighters with special degrees and training are hired by the state and these firefighters are associated and paid by the government) hence, it might be difficult to find an opening in the city if you are hoping to move there.

However, a move will be necessary for a forest firefighter as they’re is primarily associated with forests. Hence, if you are hoping to make a career in forest firefighting then you should move to a state that required your expertise. 


Factors to consider:

Something that should be kept in mind before deciding to become a forest firefighter is the saturation level of markets, while forest firefighters do make a good amount of annual money, stations already have forest firefighters that are trained and at the ready. Moreover, the top ten cities that pay the most for this field are likely to have very little variation in the annual incomes. 

Hence, you should consider applying beforehand and then looking for low-cost housing if you get accepted at the local stations. 


So, how much do forest firefighters make? Our answer is a good amount. However, there are some factors to consider before you jump into the field and turn it into a career. Take a look at our points above and make the right decision for you. 


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