Fire Symbolism: What does Fire Symbolize?

Have you ever noticed that people on social media post their images with a Snapstreak🔥 in the caption? Motivational and spiritual quotes with a hot lit, a traditional celebration and holiday event with a firecracker,  a courageous, spiritual, and historical moment with collision 💥symbol, and the list goes on.

Every single story on Instagram or Facebook conveys its message with a heart on fire (❤️‍🔥) emoji.   Why is it so? What does fire mean as a symbol? What message all these emojis associated with the fire symbol?   Everyone knows how to use the fire element but many of us couldn’t interpret the true and symbolic meaning of fire and its suitable place.

Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames”

  Does fire as a symbol mean transformation?   Creation? Ugh, destruction? Masculinity? life? or death? A fire word has absorbed versatile meanings and thoughts from different regions, cultures, religions, and planets. To discover the symbolic, spiritual, literature, traditional, religion and ritual meaning of fire let’s travel with us and read below fire representation:

Fire is a good servant but a worst master. The symbolic meaning of fire is passion, balminess, resurrection, creation, refinement, a nightmare, hell, aspiration,  perpetuity, and hope.

The question arises here who gave such meanings to fire? Well, all these fire symbols and meanings have been generated and used in literature, the film industry, religious or spiritual text for epochs. One of the best sayings I went through on social media is

Let the fire in the Sky

Light the fire in your soul

Let the beauty all around you

inspire you.

Fire meaning in Literature

The universe is evolving continuously and bringing change in time, days, years, or decades. The sunset doesn’t mean the end but the beginning of a new day, a new journey and a fresh tomorrow fill with warmth and energy. Welcome the new inning on board!



Agni  a fire-god of Hinduism  in the Vedic mythology of ancient India. Fire-god is the personification of the fire of detriment, mouth of the gods, a messenger who conveys a message from human to the divine, and the carrier of the oblation. Agni is equivalent to the sun, gives light for both household and sacrificial fireplace.

Agni is an engraved statue having two faces – one charitable and one malevolent, three or seven tongues, three legs with seven arms and hair that stand on like fire lit. He is accompanied by a sacrificial animal and considered as the guardian of the Southeast.


Hell refers to a fire in Islam which is an afterlife punishment place for all those sinners who haven’t obeyed ALLAH ALMIGHTY in this world. The punishment will be carried out in accordance with the type of sins.


The Muslim’s holy book QURAN guides a man how to live in this universe and how can you please your ALLAH with your good deeds.

“… fear the fire whose fuel is men and stones, -which is prepared for those who reject faith”


Hell is a place or a circular building fill with a   blazing fire, tree of Zaqqum, and boiling water  . It has seven gates. The meanest person will find his place in the deepest first rank of JAHANUM with worst and severe affliction. While those have and haven’t followed ALLAH’s rules will find a place at different ranks. The rank will be decided by ALLAH according to the good and bad deeds written by angels on the day of judgment. Hell is the eternal destination for sinners to suffer from both physical and spiritual agonize.

On the day we will say to hell, “have you been filled”? and it will say, “are there some more”.



Fire in the Bible has been seen in three different styles addressing different concepts. Let’s have a look with a verse translation too:

  1. The Fire of God’s Revelation

In the Bible, God often exposed himself wrapped in the fire to his people to just show that He isn’t easily approachable. The fire around him represents the unapproachable sanctity.  Let’s prove it with translation

And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then they appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them.

~Acts 2:2—3

  1. The Fire of Purification

Fire – a sign of refinement for those who’re waiting to meet the Holy God with a peaceful mind and heart.

  1. The fire of Judgement

A fire of judgment which delivers the totally opposite meaning of the above two points. For instance:

If anyone does not abide in me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned.

~John 15:6

Apart from the above points, the Bible also sheds some lights over different topic through fire personification:

  • Sacrifice
  • Smelting
  • Torture
  • The sacrifice of a children
  • Cooking
  • Warmth
  • Signals etc.


Fire in Buddhism symbolizes   “the self”   among other things. It represents whatever the thing or mistake we made for a self like the belief is lasting, eternal, and untouched by the world surrounds us. Fire symbols were being used as “self” in Vedic culture – Buddha lived here and performed fire rituals to modify the self. In short

 Ritual fire == SELF 

Buddha took the fire with different meanings and perspectives in his talks. The focused and highlighted meaning he took is “Fire isn’t lasting, never changeless nor affected by the outer world”.

Three types of fires have been discussed in Buddhism,   hatred (dosa), delusion(moha), and greed (lobha.

Fire isn’t lasting but the “self”. Yourself is more important than fire, recognize it and you’re the one who is providing fuel to keep those file burning.

Diving into the depth

How does the fire represent passion

Your purpose in life is the reason to continue your journey and let your passion fire the lights to make a straight and visible path. A person should have the kind of passion that sets the world on fire. Under such conditions, you will identify double-faced people and would love to emerge as the highest-flying creature.

The fire has a mixed symbolic meaning with passion and desire because   fire represents the energy, inspiration, and dedication   to give light maximum. Your passion and energy can be helpful if it is controlled but would be volatile if left unchecked just like fire.

How does fire represent a dream

Fire dream is a symbol of something destructive because of the fire’s nature. Fire destroys everything and turns worthy items even into ashes. Nothing left behind!


Similarly, when something is burned in a fire dream it is no longer available to you in its original form either its an item or a person. Often it gets completely unrecognizable!

Fire dream –   a sign of transformation.  When you see yourself on fire or fire in your dream, you’re going to experience a significant and unforgettable incident that will totally change your thoughts and personality. This experience may be good or bad!

Is fire-dream Negative in nature?

No, fire-dream isn’t negative in nature until and unless you see yourself burned in the fire. To see a house or a tower on fire means you’re going to help your closest person soon in a way you can. The true and positive interpretation of the fire ring you’ve surrounded it shows you’ve passion someone close.

How does Fire associate with Love?


Love is a fire that burns hearts, mind-set, and souls but never seen. Every person is curious to play with fire and ends up finally when he/she realizes its warmth, pain, and sense of being harmed. Both genders try to signify the ways and tips to discover fire and how to play with it.

Every person seems to have an Instagram story with the swipe up caption “really fire on up” which means that someone has very strong affiliation and intense feelings about something.

The best resemblance of fire with love is that it destroys, burns, and breaks hearts even in the coldest places and let ashes disperse with air.

How does Fire represent the Motivation

The symbolic meaning of fire is the motivation that someone lightens within you. If you’re hopeless and have tried your best, give a chance to people and wait. Hopefully, their burn will fill your heart and mind with thoughtful and optimistic words. The fire within you will help you to go through the miserable situation and face them courageously. It will make you a survivor of the day!

How does Fire represent the Strength and Force

Dreaming about fire could be the meaning of strength and force. For example, you’re having strong feelings for someone without telling him the truth. You’ve gained enough strength and power to overcome your feelings.

Fire as a force means something is burning inside you and ashes have turned into strength urging you to amaze people. That force helps you motivate you every day to do something for yourself to achieve your goals and final destination!

How does Fire associate with Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are majorly grouped into four triplicities depending on the element. Every group has versatile and distinct tactics and traits to influence others.  The triplicities include   water, air, fire, and earth   signs. The most suitable and appropriate phrase used for fire association with zodiac sign is “spirit in motion”. A complete book on spiritual astrology has been written by Per Henrik Gullfoss.

The  fire zodiac signs  are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Fire signs tend to be dynamic, temperamental, and passionate like a fire.  Fire signs contain inspiration, confidence, fun, excitement, action, enthusiasm, trailblazers, and explorers.
These signs are a great source to bring motivation and excitement to others. Each sign elaborates fire such as:

Sagittarius – the mind and vision  of the fire element

Leo – the fiery demonstration of the fire element

Aries – the spirit of the fire element


For all the above zodiac signs, fire is a sign of warmth, destruction, and transformation. They are known for being impulsive and initiative, oftentimes rushing into action without wasting time in planning. They have great stamina or potential for both destructive and creative.

The individuals of these signs seem egoistic but like an element that needs to be spread and explored. They’re able to handle the challenging situations in a very decent manner that no one can do this perfectly.  Their emotional response is quick and has lively imaginations!

No matter how quickly fire burns out but can regenerate its power from ashes and dust. They just need a single spark and that would be enough to set off a forest fire. It’s hard to handle and nurtured fire signs. Need to take much care!

How does Cooking associate with Fire

Cooking over fire means you’re preparing something that will definitely help you to go through a creative process. It’s a sign to think about the mandatory work which has to be accomplished with time and passionate about it. You’ll face a heavy loss if not completed on time.

What Animal has an association with Fire?

The whole universe is composed of five different elements,   wood, air, water, fire, and metal.  An animal that has a strong association with fire is the salamanders because of the myth that salamanders are born in fire. People also nicknamed salamanders because he can control the fire. Salamanders are amphibians in nature and have close resemblance with lizards. Lizards are closer to the Dragon which was assumed to breathe out long fire lit.

People seem tigers and lion a fierce and horrible creature due to its skin coloring and dangerous powerful eye look.

What Crystal and Stone represents Fire

In the antiquity world, it’s a strong belief that FIRE gave birth to everything. Every crystal and stone has gone through the  creation process via fire . The crystal or stone that has semblance with fire is  Gemstones .


Fire signs used to wear gemstones and considered the luckiest stone for them. Although a book can be written over the benefits of Gemstones here we will have a look at major one:

  1. Gemstones of fire leave a positive influence on blood circulation
  2. They can recharge the wearer’s body and eliminate stagnation
  3. Keep them motivated and stimulate them to do an action.
  4. Gemstones of fire cure downhearted and increase mental & physical strength.

The most popular Gemstones of fire are   red Garnet, Red Jasper, Fire opal, Fire Agate, Amber, red Tourmaline, Sardonyx, and Zircon. 

Fire and Colors

Colors speak about your personality, thoughts, lifestyle, habits, and profession louder than words. The most common way to bring excitement and energy, specify your desired colors to achieve the best results. Color is an expression of light that brings you back to life, hope, and dedication.  

Have you ever watched the fire lit while burning at district levels? You will notice different colors depending on the heat level.   Red, orange, and yellow   are at the top of the fire while blue and white coals stay at the bottom.

All these fiery colors represent energy, enthusiasm,  and commitment. The energy, excitement, and exuberance at the top but without the purity of blue and white its hard to achieve upper-level glory.


Colors leave a great impact on personality. Let’s specify the true meaning of colors of the fire:

Orange fire – it means more active and filled with incentive

Red fire – it exhibits aggressiveness, courage, and anger.

Yellow fire – strong solar implications and light of spirits

Blue-White – a universal light considered as the force of initiation

Fire-oriented Plants

Plants resembling the symbolic meaning of fire are  Basil, garlic, Cacti, Thistle, Ash, Juniper, Sunflower, Holly, Thorn, and Nettle


Q1.  What does fire on the water mean?

Fire in contrast with water represents the emotional state of mind. It’s a sign of healing, spirituality, and knowledge. In a closer look, fire with water represents that you may find yourself in a state of confusion.

Q2. How does fire represent life?

Life has a resemblance with fire because fire eats many things to stay alive. these things also include oxygen to burn. Fire will not stay alive if any one of them becomes a minimum or fire will die soon. This is exactly the same principle life is following!



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