Do Firefighters Have to Shave Every day?

 Do firefighters have to shave every day? Well yes, it has been mandated by the U.S department of labor. The details and reasons are discussed below. 

Several businesses have set standards of grooming for their employees.

People working in white-collar offices have to wear a suit and tie and be clean-shaven when they arrive at work. People in the tech career are often more laid back and you can find people dressed differently and creatively depending on their own personal styles. People in fashion are often seen going all out and laboratories have their own personal protective equipment that they require all employees to wear. 

When it comes to men’s grooming, a lot of different careers have different requirements. It is important to be clean-shaven in the army, but I’m sure you didn’t know that it is important to be clean-shaven as a firefighter as well. 

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Do Firefighters have to be Clean Shaven?

 The short answer to that question is yes, in fact, in the department, a firefighter has to be clean-shaven by 8 am.  

While most don’t know this, a firefighter has to have his mustache neatly shaven. It is important to understand that these guidelines for firefighters have been presented by the department because long beards and mustaches can be fire hazards. In fact, they can be the difference between life and death for a firefighter. 

Why do firefighters have to shave every day?

If a mustache has fringes that curl upward or are styled there is a huge possibility that it may catch fire.

In a situation like that, there is no way to save a firefighter’s life, especially when he is in the middle of the rescue mission. Moreover, long beards may extend out of the facemasks that are often worn by firefighters, these can catch fire as well later extending to the breathing tubes full of oxygen. 

That leads to the oxygen catching fire and that could create a larger problem than one had before. 

What are the requirements set forth by the Department?

Firefighters have been asked to be well-groomed by the United States Government. Sideburns are not allowed in any case and have to be well-trimmed to the end of the firefighter’s ear.

Moreover, they should not extend beyond the respirator most firefighters wear when entering buildings. One can check this by holding their head up straight and then seeing if the sideburns extend beyond the respirator. 

Moreover, with regards to mustaches, firefighters have been asked to have mustaches that are restricted to their lips. 

This means that the mustache should not extend beyond the smile points of the firefighters, plus styling a mustache is also prohibited as it might mean the hair of the mustache could extend beyond the required length or could turn upwards leading to a possible fire hazard. 

Moreover, all kinds of beards and goatees are completely prohibited. This means that a firefighter is not allowed to have stubble or any hair on their face at all.

Hence, the popular statement, a firefighter has to be clean-shaven at 8 am in the morning has come into being. 

Can a firefighter have a beard on vacation?

Firefighters are usually never off duty, as discussed before firefighters are required to be close to the stations so that they can arrive at a moments notice in case of an emergency. They usually don’t spend Christmas with their families either

Moreover, some states have mandated a 24-hour work shift, in which the firefighter is allowed to go home but has to return to his office if required. While this messes up a firefighter’s sleep schedule it also means that firefighters have to stay clean-shaven through the day in which they aren’t in the station or aren’t exactly on duty. 

Moreover, a firefighter rarely has any vacations. This is because their job can demand them to be in one location near the station at all times in case something massive occurs and the station needs help.

Hence, do firefighters have to shave every day even on their vacations? The answer is yes. For safety reasons, a firefighter has to always be clean-shaven. 

Social Repercussions of firefighters shaving every day:

A firefighter has to be clean-shaven, with obviously short hair that cannot be styled at all.

People who enjoy keeping their hair up to date and wear gels and different hair or beard products might find this a bit difficult. However, firefighting is an important profession that requires various kinds of sacrifices, sleep, and hair products, along with beards are simply one of them. 


Hence, in conclusion, it is important to address the question you’ve asked. Do firefighters have to shave every day? The very short answer to that is yes, they have to but can keep just a bit of facial hair as long as it meets the requirements that have been set by the department of labor.

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