Top Ten Best Fireproof Safes To Get Right Now

In the unfortunate incident of a house fire, most of the property along with everything inside it is burned and ruined. We all have some things that we cherish and want to protect, whether that thing is of sentimental value or of monetary value we want to keep it safe.  In such a case the best option would be to keep that particular object in a safe.

  A safe that is durable enough to withstand any type of condition, whether it is the intense heat of a fire or the immense force of a drop. Generally, all houses should have a safe in them, to ensure the safety of their valuables, therefore in this article, we have made a list of the best fireproof safe on the market right now. 

Prevention is the best form of safety and security, to prevent house fires you need good fire detectors and other proper placement. check out our article on this topic here. we over at are working hard to keep you updated and safe, so be sure to check out our other content as well.

Best Fireproof Safe:

Fireproof document SafeRating
First Alert 2602DF10/10
SentrySafe CHW202219/10
AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe9/10
SentrySafe SFW123DSB10/10
Honeywell Safes & Door Locks9/10
SereneLife Electronic Fingerprint Fire Lock7/10
Honeywell 11069/10
Paragon Lock 78008/10
SentrySafe FHW403009/10
First Alert 2092DF8/10

1) First Alert 2602DF

fireproof safe reviews

Key features:

  • The safe is made secure by a 4 to 8 pin security code, backed up by a long-lasting battery to get you the optimal protection you need
  • The buoyancy of the safe means that even in the case of flooding it won’t be fully submerged in the water, this can raise its life by a lot
✅ superior fire resistance
❌ Does not have a handle
✅ Perfect for storing legal documents and such
✅ Easy to carry

2) SentrySafe CHW20221

home document safe

Key features:

  • It goes without saying that this safe has phenomenal fire and water-resistant properties
  • It is on the smaller side and hence makes it a good opinion to store your electronics, documents, or even a gun

✅ Has an easy to carry handle

❌ The lock is just a basic lock, it does not have any digital pin
✅ 72-hour water submersion makes it extremely durable

3) AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe

best fireproof document box

Key features:

  • It has adjustable trays that can be used to further organize the safe, you can even remove it to store larger objects
  • It’s a great value considering the size of the safe

✅ It has a very spacious design and has been built for larger objects❌ It has a basic look
✅ It uses an electronic keypad for added security


4) SentrySafe SFW123DSB

top rated fireproof safes

Key features:

  • This fireproof safe boasts a fall-proof feature that is capable of withstanding a gigantic 15-foot drop
  • Comes with a phenomenal replacement guarantee, this means that if the safe gets damaged in a fire then it will be replaced by a newer one

✅ The sentry safe has a premium look to it❌ The dual lock makes takes a little more time and effort to unlock
✅ It has a double lock mechanism which provides superior security
✅ Spacious enough to store documents, medium-sized objects such as jewelry, purses, etc


5) Honeywell Safes & Door Locks

fireproof waterproof file box

Key features:

  • It can remain submerged in the water for over 4 days that’s a lot more than what most safe manufacturing companies offer
  • A great option for storing documents
✅ Small, compact safe Perfect for documents
❌ Uses a basic lock mechanism
✅ Easy to use and carry
✅ Made from top-notch materials


6) SereneLife Electronic Fingerprint Fire Lock

documents safe box

Key features:

  • Has numerous ways to unlock the safe, a fingerprint reader, a digital passcode, and the backup lock and key
  • The keyhole is hidden so that any unwanted guests can’t open it
✅ Super easy to set up and use❌ The batteries will need replacement after a month or so
✅ Can store up to 2 fingerprints at a time
✅ Strong and durable body


7) Honeywell 1106: 

best small fire safe

Key features:

  • Honeywell is a very trusted manufacturer and has the support of hundreds if not thousands of consumers worldwide
  • The 1106 has also received the amazon choice award
  • The build quality is amazing, it feels quite durable and strong. Also, it comes with a 7-year warranty
✅ A trusted and reliable company

❌ The design itself is actually quite basic
✅ It offers phenomenal water and fire resistance capabilities
✅ The overall design is suited for medium-sized objects and documents, which we can assume most people need a fireproof safe for


8)  Paragon Lock 7800:

document safes fireproof

Key features:

  • You can access all your stuff quite easily with the digital pad
  • Has two bolts for that added protection that you need


✅ It has a numeric keypad

❌ The outer interface is made out of plastic
✅ UL rated fire and water resistance
✅ A spacious design and removable trays to keep your stuff organized


9) SentrySafe FHW40300:

personal document safe

Key features:

  • The hanging organizer files can be conveniently arranged by using the railings inside the safe
  • It has a phenomenal 1700 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistance, which is on par with what most top brands offer
✅ The FHW has a beautiful design

❌ Specifically designed for storing documents
✅ Comes with a superb electronic lock
✅ Convenient handles for easy carrying


10) First Alert 2092DF:

good fire safe

key features:

  • The concealed hinge is a great addition to the already well built safe
  • Ready seal makes bloating the safe on the floor super simple
  • The safe does not lose any fire and waterproof capabilities if it is bolted
✅ Premium design choice with hidden hinges❌ The battery may need replacement after some time
✅ Quick and easy bolting mechanism
✅ Adjustable tray for easy organization

Buying guide:

If you’re new to this then don’t worry we have made a simple and easy buying guide for you, so that you can choose the best fireproof safe for you and your needs.

Fireproof capability:

So when buying a fireproof safe one of the first things that you need to look into is the fireproof capabilities of that particular safe. As we have seen above even similarly priced products can have different types of fire resistance ratings. This all depends on the manufacturers, typically a house fire goes as high as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit but it can definitely rise above that temperature.

So for this purpose, most fireproof safes have a fire-resistance rating of over 1550 degrees Fahrenheit, this leaves a 2-300 degree headroom which is great. Some safe such as the SentrySafe SFW123DSB can resist as much as 1700 degrees.

The time that these safe can withstand is also important, you don’t want a safe that can resist 2000 degrees but only for a minute. You need stability and long life spans in these results, generally, half an hour is considered good but some companies go beyond that and offer fire resistance up to an hour or so.

UL rating:

When buying a fireproof item you have probably seen something like UL rated resistance of over… and you’re probably wondering what UL means. Well to put it simply UL rating is a rating system that has been designed to check the safety features of the item.

A sample of items is taken and then subjected to extreme heat conditions in order to test the claims of the company and to ensure that the product meets the specified requirements mentioned in the guidelines.


Having waterproof capabilities is also very important for most users. In the unfortunate case of flooding. You will need to keep your cash or your important documents safe and for that purpose, you need water resistance.

Most fireproof safes also offer waterproof capabilities but some don’t, so before buying make sure that the safe you are buying has that capability or not. The water-resistant capabilities can range from lasting an hour submerged in water up to 4 days.

Storage space:

This is a key factor in determining the type of fire safety box to get. Depending on the types of items you are going to store you will need to purchase a safety box of that size. You can buy specific safes made specifically for documents or from small storage devices, or large ones for storing cash, jewelry, or even guns. They usually come with removable or at the least an adjustable tray.

Specific fire safety boxes are designed to fulfill specific functions and hence they have some additional features that other safety boxes don’t.

For example, the SentrySafe FHW40300 has built-in file arrangement features. Checking the desired function the safe was built can help you make smarter buying decisions.

Locking mechanism:

Security is a top priority when it comes to safes. There are many different types of locks available these days, form advanced fingerprint scanners to basic lock and key mechanisms. We can’t just pick one and declare that it’s the best because this actually depends on the preference of the user.

Some people would prefer “the simpler the better”  and opt for a basic numeric lock, while others would go with the “more the merrier” approach and choose the safe with the most lock options available. So be sure you know what types of lock you want and what level of security do you need.

Additional features:

There are some additional features that you need to be on the lookout for. For example, if you want to bolt down your safe to the floor then you need a safe that is a bolt complaint because some aren’t, and the fireproof and waterproof capabilities vanish after bolting.

Other features such as withstanding a fall can be very useful in the case of a fire.


As with any product, the warranty of a product along with good customer support offers great reliability and customer satisfaction.

Most safe in this list either offer a lifetime warranty or at least a minimum 7-year limited warranty. The lifetime warranty means that in the case of a fire if the fireproof safe gets damaged then they will send the customer a new one.

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