10 Best Fire Escape Ladders: FireProof and Safe

A safe home and workplace is everyone’s basic right in life!

Our life is full of uncertain events and the cycle just never ends because there are many uncontrollable factors around us.

  One of those is fire, nobody wants it but everyone wants a safe home and safe working place or at least a home or working place with enough facilities to escape if it catches fire. Here we have a list of amazing products that can not only save your life but also help you escape from the place on fire. Hoping to save your documents in safes and fireproof bags? See Firefightertools other reviews today. 

Check out the following product list and buying guide to find your perfect fire escaping ladder.  

Best Fire Escape Ladders – 2020:

Best Fire Escape LadderRating
DELXO Fire Escape Ladder10/10
Hausse Story Fire Escape Ladder9/10
Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder9/10
QWORK Emergency Fire Ladder10/10
ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Ladder9/10
Emergency Fire Escape Ladder7/10
Weemoment Emergency Fire Escape Ladder9/10
Emergency Fire Escape Ladder8/10
Portable Ladder V Center Support8/10

1) DELXO Fire Escape Ladder

  • Strong and Durable: Strongly built escape ladder and its strong manufacture make it durable for longer times. 
  • Suitable for every home: It’s a two-story, foldable emergency escape ladder which is suitable for almost all types of homes. 
  • Reusable: As it is manufactured with the best material, it can be used again and again without having to compromise quality or strength. 
✅ No assembly tools required

❌Can be used only for two stories.
✅ Suitable for windows as well
✅ Can escape easily and quickly

DELXO Fire Escape Ladder is one of the best ladders available on amazon.

It is built in such a way that users wouldn’t be much bothered while using it. An emergency escape ladder should be easy to go and could be quickly ready-able, so is the DELXO emergency escape ladder.

It can be fixed up to a fourteen-inch-thick wall. It has a strong escape rope ladder, facilitating the window ladder.


2) Hausse Story Fire Escape Ladder


What we love:

  • Can hold up to 1000 lbs.: It is a strongly built fire safety rope ladder
  • Secure: It is tested with heavy objects and proved to be secure enough. It can be used in Two-story houses. 
  • Easy Storage: It comes with a canvass bag for easy storage, you can place it near a wall or escaping window.
✅ Flame resistant
❌ Cannot be retracted
✅ Tangle free design

The most secure among all the fire escape ladders, which can be extended to 13 ft.

It is very lightweight and can be carried away easily but that doesn’t mean it can’t endure heaviness. It can endure up to 1000 lbs weight. One must practice it at least once before placing it to use. 


3. Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

What we love: 

  • Easy to use: It is easy to attach to the window as a window escape ladder. It can be attached to almost all types of windows. 
  • Strong and Durable: It is made with the best and strong material to provide you a wonderful experience and is also flame resistant to provide maximum security. 
  • Low price package: The whole package allows you to save a good amount of money. 


✅ Easy for storage
❌ Weighs 700 lbs.
✅ Provides family safety

✅Usable for both home and office

It has one of the best fire escape ladders consumer reports.

It can be easily attached to a window sill or any wall. It is tested for up to 1000 lbs. weight-bearing.


4) QWORK Emergency Fire Ladder

What we love: 

  • Convenient to Use: It is very easy to use because of the feature of rolling up the rope. 
  • Non-Slip Pole: Its non-slip pole provides you a safe and protected experience.
  • High Strength: High-quality polyester rope is used in making the escaping rope and that provides high strength and durability. 
✅ Extra Protection
Safe exit route

❌ Doesn’t have any package discounts
✅ Multipurpose use
Comes with belt
✅ Flame resistant

A fire escape ladder must be easy and convenient because in emergency situations one might not get enough time to think and do stuff. It provides you a quick escape from fire.

It is a suitable fire escape for both home and office and can endure a weight of 2000 lbs. 


5) ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

What we love: 

  • Portable Fire escape ladder: It’s a lightweight emergency escape ladder which can be carried away anywhere with you.
  • Fast to Deploy: It is easy to unfold and can be deployed very quickly. 
  • Reusable: Unlike many other fire escape ladders this is 4 story ladder and can be reused 
✅ Space saving

❌ Might not fit all windows

✅ Low Price❌ Might be heavy for younger kids
✅ Light weight❌ It has a limit of only 3 people climbing at a time

ISOP emergency fire escape can be retracted and elongated to fit the required size. It fits most of the house and office windows and because it is portable you can shift it easily anywhere. This fire safety ladder is very easy to use and helps to combat emergency situations.

6) Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

What we love: 

  • Heat resistant protection: This firefighting fire escape ladder has heat resistant lamination which makes it durable and easy to use in case of an emergency
  • Superior security: Made out of the best fire fighting materials, this fire escape ladder is certified and simple to use
✅ Certified fireproof

❌ Is not as extendable as the other ladders on our list
✅ Completely innovative and new design

The emergency ladder has a fire escape rope too you can use it while exiting the fireplace. It is designed with the aim to provide safety for the family. It has anti-slip rings which add more to its strength. However, at the same time, it is recommended that you understand the usage of the fie ladder and have tried opening it once prior to an incident. 

At times it can be difficult to assemble it if you don’t know how the ladder is opened and how it generally works.


7) Weemoment Emergency Fire Escape Ladder


What we love: 

  • Fits most windows
  • Stable design: It is made with extremely high-quality material in order to provide the best emergency fire escaping experience.  A high-quality thick rope is used in it. 
  • Multi-purpose: It can be used in home, office, school and even in firefighting stations for emergency situations. 
✅ Portable

❌ Only for two story
✅ Multi purpose use

It is suggested that children be trained once to use the fire ladder as well, in this way it will be easier for all people to employ the fire ladder once before so that the task becomes easier in case the need arises. The fire escape ladder is fairly easy to use, however, at the time, it should be stated that the ladder has to practice with once.


8)Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

What we love:

  • Durability: the selection of high-quality material and brilliant stitching prolongs the life of lader
  • Multi-purpose usage: this ladder is exclusively fire-resistant but can also be used specifically by firefighters as well as by ordinary people in their homes. 
✅ High Capacity

❌ Only suitable for windows and balcony railing not for walls
✅ Strong rope


9) QWORK 32 FT Emergency Fire Ladder


What we love: 

  • Risk-free purchase: The emergency fire escape ladder comes with a 100% guarantee which ensures the customer’s satisfaction. 
  • Fast to deploy: The emergency ladder is easy to use and you can deploy it very quickly as its rope comes ladder which can be hung through a window or any wall. 
  • Heavy duty: it is constructed with heavy-duty material which provides its ultimate strength to go through in critical situations. 
✅ Family Safety

❌ Heavy for kids
May not fit all windows
✅ Compact design
Light weight

This well-crafted emergency ladder is one of the best risk-free ladders on our list. This is mainly because of the high-quality material that is used, (which means that it generally won't be faulty or breakdown) when a critical situation arises and if need be can be used for extended periods of time as well. Much like the other high-quality products on our list, this ladder is certified fireproof and hence, can be kept in homes and offices.


10) Portable Ladder V Center Support

What we love: 

  • Space-saving: This fire escaping ladder can be smartly wrapped and can be stored anywhere in the house and ultimately helps you saving space.  
  • Easy to use: It is very easy to use and has simple steps to combine and use in the emergency fire escape
  • Packing bag: The most amazing thing about this fire escape ladder is, its packing bag which makes it even more unique.
✅ Usage

❌ May not for all windows
✅ Fast to deploy and open

This space-saving fire ladder is one of the best fire ladders mainly because it can be packed away and stored in small spaces. This allows for extensive use and this also means it can be extracted whenever the time arises. Its compact packed form can be carried very easily mainly because it is composed of very light weighted materials.

Buying Guide:

  • Warranty: The best products from the best manufacturer’s always come with warranty cards or some contracts. Make sure you check that before buying. 
  • Adjustable Size: The best firefighter escape ropes have an adjustable size range for 2 story escape to 4 story escape. 
  • High-Quality Material: The fire escape ladder must have been made with high-quality material to make sure you survive without any injury in times of emergency. Low-quality manufacturing can be harmful to your safety.  
  • Should be Flame Resistant: The only and prime purpose of a firefighter ladder escape has is to bring you out of the fire safely, and that is only possible when the equipment itself is flame resistant and gives a guarantee of not burning.

Check out this video on how to use a fire escape ladder safely.

Editor's Choice:


There are a number of fire escape ladders on the market, however the absolute best DELXO Fire Escape Ladder. This is because this ladder is not just simple to unpack, it is also very well constructed and is super sturdy. All essential qualities a good and safe fire escape ladder needs to have. 


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