About Us

Who We are

We are a team of experts continuously surfing the internet to research about fire disasters, their origin, common fire safety tips and certain Firefighting tools which can help avoid these disasters.

What We Do Here

We at Firefightertools.co do rigorous research and then try our level best to write honest Guides and Tips for our readers. Our main focus and effort is put into following areas:

  • What Fire Safety Tips should be followed by you?
  • How to avoid Fire in your home?
  • What Firefighting tools are necessary for your home?
  • Which tools are used for which purpose?
  • Where to buy Firefighting gear?
  • How to use Firefighting tools with caution?

Our Motive

Our main inspiration is to allow people to help themselves by following common safety tips recommended by different Government Institutes and certain Organizations. Our recommended tools follow the standard provided by these organizations and having these tools in your home is a must!